Forex robots; Automatic investment systems

By | December 18, 2017

Forex robots; Automatic investment systems

For a long time the currency market is booming, so much that the volume of daily transactions now amounts to four trillion dollars. The forex market is a global and decentralized market where currencies are traded.

To participate in the forex market, you need to use a broker to act as an intermediary. Once we have chosen the right broker we have two options to operate.

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-What is a Forex robot?

-How do robots work?

-Advantages of robots

-Disadvantages of robots

On the one hand we have the traditional option, which is to perform the operations by oneself. But we also have the other alternative, which is to make use of a forex robot. You do not necessarily have to choose between one option or another, sometimes it is good to make use of both since combining them properly we can achieve excellent results.

Next, let’s know a bit more about what a forex robot consists of.

What is a Forex robot?

A Forex robot is a software that executes trading strategies based on algorithms. This means that when there are specific circumstances in the markets the robot will automatically perform the task of purchase and sale corresponding to each time.

There is no doubt that with the help of an automated system the investor can invest in a much faster and more efficient way.And the fact is that robots are very useful, because they are capable of analyzing millions of data per second, and this is obviously an advantage because how we traders through manual analysis leave us a lot of business opportunities along the way.

How do robots work?

Robots or automated trading systems are programs that are responsible for analyzing the markets . They perform mathematical calculations with the information and real data they get from the markets and generate trade signals.Subsequently these signals are what determine the actions of the robot, because depending on the circumstances choose to execute orders to enter or to exit the market.

Automated systems are very beneficial to operate in the Forex market, both for those who are starting and for more advanced investors. These are systems that are capable of knowing the most opportune moment to operate and what kind of trade they must carry out for which investments are a success.

It should be noted that the currency market is highly volatile and that the quotes of currencies can change from one moment to another, in a matter of seconds. Therefore, it is an unpredictable market and where it is difficult to know whether to bet up or down. In fact, sometimes we would say that it is almost a game of chance. But no, let’s not forget that we are talking about investments, and we should not leave anything to chance.

The Forex robot, unlike the binary options robot has its advantages and disadvantages. So then we will highlight those that are more relevant to be able to decide if it suits us or not to use an automated trading system to get the most out of the investments.


  • A robot never rests

As we all know, the forex market is up and running 24 hours a day, and we have to sleep at some point. While we are resting, the Forex market continues to move, which means that during that time we can miss many opportunities.

But if we have the help of a Forex robot our luck can change, since we can leave it programmed and that it acts for us when it is opportune.

In any case, no matter how useful a robot is, it is advisable not to leave manual trading aside, so my recommendation is that you try to combine both types, both the sessions in person and the use of the Forex robot. Operates in your usual sessions and when you have to rest let the robot do the work for you. Surely that way you will get the most out of your investments in the currency market.

  • A robot does not have feelings

At the time of executing the orders a robot is going to be based solely on the algorithms, it will never let itself be carried away by the feelings because for something it is a robot. Sometimes, many investors tend to make human mistakes that make them lose many opportunities to close a good business. Sometimes they are paralyzed by the fear of risking too much and at other times they throw themselves into the void to hunt down an opportunity that is not as good as they thought.

In no case is it good to get carried away by feelings. As much as possible, always try to keep the feelings of fear and greed under control. And that for an automated Forex robot is no problem.

For those people who have some difficulty controlling their emotions, a Forex robot can give them an advantage in your operations, since they obviously lack any type of human feeling and can carry out operations with discipline and efficiency.

  • A robot is fast executing orders

Also, note that robots are very fast executing orders, and that’s why when they see an opportunity they immediately hunt it down. Investors often miss some opportunities because they did not notice in time, either because they were busy doing another task or distracted at the time.


  • A robot does not have the capacity to think for itself

Sometimes, a robot can find a market influenced by a particular news and not act as he normally would. Even if a person is not a robot, he can also make a wrong decision and execute some orders by being led by specific circumstances. Luckily we have what is termed as flexibilization.

To avoid these moments of turmoil in the markets that may somehow confuse our robot, the best thing we can do is to limit their activity during that period of time. However, for this we have to anticipate the departure of news or economic events , and unfortunately sometimes it is not so simple.

Therefore, if we take into account this detail a robot – even if it is an automated trading system that in theory should enter the market at the best time – just as it can make us money can also make us incur losses according to what decisions . One of the drawbacks of this type of robots is that we can not let them work independently for a long time, and if we want to have benefits it is important to use them under supervision.

  • The standard configuration does not always work

We can not configure a standard robot and forget about it. Yes it is true that sometimes it is good that technology works for us, we also have to be aware that the human hand helps a lot. The ideal is to make semiautomatic trading, that the robot does to trader for us but that also receives some guidance on our part to act under certain market conditions.

To enjoy constant profits it is important to know how to configure a robot and adapt it to market circumstances so that it can execute the most favorable orders for you. If you have access to news sources or tools such as the economic calendar, these will help you to have updated information and anticipate market reactions, and this is how you can configure the robot to work more successfully.

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